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Sunday, January 2, 2011


My name is Alesha, I am 28 years old and I am a SAHM and a full-time student. I have been in a wonderful relationship with Keith, who is 26 years old, for almost seven years. We have one sweet little girl, Hannah, who blessed our lives on March 27,2008. She is almost three years old and everyday is a new adventure with her :) Most days are great but we also have our days when nothing seems to go right. We take a wrong turn somewhere and we end up in Meltdown City, as with every family (lets be honest). Keith and I thought we wanted to wait until I was finished with school before we tried for another baby. I am currently studying to become a Veterinary Technician and once I am certified and I go back to work, I plan on going back to get my degree in Veterinary Medicine and become a Veterinarian. I should be finished with my Veterinary Technician courses in 2012 and we decided that is too long to wait. We want Hannah to be close in age with her little sister or brother so they can grow together and have a great relationship while they grow up. That is why we decided that the time to try for another baby is...... NOW!!

We plan on trying to get pregnant in late February! I am so excited and I believe Keith is more excited than I am. He wants to have a boy so he can play trucks and transformers which I do not blame him. I kinda want a boy as well but I will be ecstatic for another girl too!! I am happy that our family will soon be growing into four but I am worried about how Hannah will feel during this transition. She is very loved by her mommy and daddy and with our love, she should do just fine. I know she is going to make the best big sister ever!! We are going to wait until we become pregnant before we share the news with everyone but this blog will be used to track the pregnancy and follow our journey into parenthood (Again).

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