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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

I'm late, I'm late, for a very important date!! PERIOD

Well since the last post a few days ago, a lot has happened. We ended up pulling out our offer on the house because there were too many things that didn't fit with our family and what we are looking for in a house. Keith and I both agreed on Monday night that we were going to keep looking for that house that will fit us perfectly. Yesterday morning I was just checking to see if any new houses were on the MLS list and I was pleasantly surprised to find a house that we previously put an offer on (and lost due to a higher cash offer) is back on the market. Keith went into the Remax office while he was on lunch yesterday and put an offer on the house. I'm praying that we get this house!! It has a big backyard (with fruit trees eeekkk), split bedroom floor plan, a huge kitchen with tons of cabinets whooo hooo, and plenty of space for our family. It's a 3bedroom/2bath/2 car garage house in Brandon, Florida. I really hope this falls through for us :)

The other thing that has been on my mind is the fact that my period is now 3 days late but every time I take a test, it comes out negative. Ahhhhhh I just want to know!! My period is never late so that makes me think that I may be pregnant but the negative tests tell me not to get too excited. I could just be stressed out from the house thing and that could be making my cycle off. If I still haven't started my period by this weekend, I will buy a few different types of test and if we still don't have an answer then I will go to the doctor on Monday.

On another note, Miss Hannah will be turning 3 on March 27th. It is amazing how fast she is growing up. She has turned into her own special little person that I love more and more each day!! I'm so proud to be her mommy!! We are having a party to celebrate her birthday on the 26th at our apartment. There were a few reasons for having it at our house this year compared to the grandparents houses which we usually do. First, we want to start hosting our own "family" parties since have our own family now (I guess that officially means were grown-ups lol). Second, I'm not worried about having too many people here and making a mess because we are moving out soon anyway. Third, I hate driving to and from when I would rather stay at home, plus it will save gas (I know that's lame but gas is going up by the day and I still have 6 weeks of school left that I have to budget gas money for). The last thing, I get super anxious when I plan parties at other places than my home and I think this will be a more stress free environment for me (I can't forget stuff if I'm at home because it will be here). Just ask Keith's dad, Larry, when I come over I bring 50 bags and my whole house because im afraid im going to need something lol!!

Well that is pretty much all the craziness that is going on here. I will post again when I hear something about the house or the period lol

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  1. Can you believe our baby girls are almost THREE?! We're celebrating Chyenne's birthday on the 26th as well. I hope Miss Hannah has a fabulous birthday. We love at-home much easier IMO!