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Monday, March 14, 2011

Some bad new and some GREAT news!!

Okay..... We didn't get pregnant last month :( and I took a pregnancy test yesterday and again it came out negative. I'm not as upset as I was last month when it came out negative. I just think with all of the stress from trying to buy a house, my body is just not ready. If I said I wasn't disappointed, I would be lying. I know that with time we will again be blessed with another child. That is what keeps me going right now. Keith and I also have some great news to go with the not-so-great news. The bank accepted our offer on a beautiful 4 bedroom/2 bathroom/2 car garage house in Valrico, Florida. The inspector should be out sometime this week to make sure everything is working and in great shape ect... The closing date on the house is April 20th. I'm so happy that we will finally have a home that is ours. I'm so proud of Keith and everything he does to make our family happy. He really is the best man I know and I love him with everything!! Once we move in to the new house, I will post some pictures on here. I will also keep updating on the progress of us TTC baby #2

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  1. wooohooo on the house... only 7.5 hours from me! LOL! :)