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Monday, April 18, 2011

Sometimes I feel like I get way too many lemons in life and not enough water to make the lemonade.....

Well they accepted our offer on the last house and after we wasted $500 on the inspection, we found out it needed a new roof and a new A/C. We asked the bank to lower the price by $2000 since the new roof and A/C was going to put us out around $11,000 and they said no. We lost the house :( My period ended up being a week late and then it showed up. Then 5 days after I got off my period, I started again!! Trying to have another child has turned out to be a nightmare. I didn't even try to figure out when I was ovulating this month because I'm over it right now. I never thought it would take Keith and I this long to get pregnant. Its emotionally draining to myself and I just need a break. I'm sure these last few months have been hard on Keith and Hannah too. Sometimes I think that maybe my family is complete. Maybe it was meant to be just the three of us :) Either way, I'm not going to let this upset me anymore. If it happens then it does, this is supposed to be a happy time for a family and it has been very stressful. Keith and I went and looked a few more houses this weekend (which seems like all we do anymore) and we found another house. This time it is a HUD house so we had to bid on the house instead of sending in an offer. The house needs some work, nothing too major, and it is a little cheaper then the other houses we have looked at recently. Today is the first day that the house is open for bids, I'm praying they take ours and everything passes inspection ect... so we can finally have a house of our own. I also think that Keith and I are going to try to do some of the work ourselves and really make this "our home". The good thing about a house needing some work is the fact that we can make it just how we want it. We should know by Wednesday at the latest if we got it or not. Our family has also decided that if we don't get this house for some reason we will be taking a break from house hunting until August. I'm sick of wasting countless hours searching for houses and being disappointed. We need to take some time to get our family life back on track. I'm also going to be taking classes in the summer too so I want to really focus on my school work and not worry about checking lists for houses to go look at. Besides all the crazy stuff lately, I'm really excited that I only have a couple weeks of school left in this semester. I'm praying I can keep the good grades up which means its crunch time and time to study but butt off again. I know I have the power to do it, I just have to try my hardest. I will try to keep this updated if we have more news to share.......

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