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Thursday, July 28, 2011

10 Weeks Today :)

I'm 10 weeks pregnant today :) In just 10 weeks or less we will find out if this little peanut is a girl or boy!! We are closing on our house tomorrow at 2pm and I'm so freakin excited :) It seems like we have been waiting forever and finally our dream of owning a house is becoming a reality. I'm very blessed to have such a wonderful man in my life. Everything he does is for his family and I'm so lucky to have him.

Were gonna be so busy in the next few days, but I know if we work together everything will be fine. Tomorrow I have to take our dog to get her shots and her nails clipped. Then we close on the house at 2pm. After that we are off to Lowe's to get a fridge, over the stove microwave, paint, and few other things. Then we will finish the night off with good food and painting. Life is good!! Oh and I had to post this picture of Hannah with her baby doll, she is gonna be the best big sister ever!!

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