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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Hannah's New Playroom :)

Here are a few pictures of Hannah's new playroom :) She loves it!! I love it too because now I don't have to worry about her playing with all of her toys when she is supposed to be going to bed lol Plus there is no fighting at night about her wanting to watch a movie while she goes to sleep. I don't know why we didn't think of this a long time ago!! Another one of the many reasons I am so HAPPY that we bought this house :)

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

15 weeks 1 day :)

So it's really setting in that I am going to have two little ones next year eeekkk!! Kind of scary, wondering how I am going to juggle two kiddos, school, and everything in between. I cannot imagine what it is going to be like with two cranky kids at the grocery store lol The one thing I am looking forward to is all the cuddles and hugs!! I am also excited to see how much of a great big sister Hannah is going to be. It is hard for me to imagine loving anyone as much as I love her but I am sure I will fall in love with the new baby, just like I did with Hannah. I just hope I can be a great mommy to both of them and not let anyone feel left out. Okay, enough with the what ifs for today lol

The house is really starting to look like a home now :) Yesterday I turned the spare bedroom into a playroom for Hannah. She LOVES it!! She has a TV, VCR, DVD player, radio, toys, tunnels, books, chairs, and everything a little kid could want in a playroom. She definitely has way too many toys. That's why a small part of me is really wishing for another little girl, so we can recycle the toys. Although, daddy wants a little boy soo sooo bad!! We still need to get a few things for the house which we plan on doing in the next month or so and then our house will be done for the most part.

I think that I am going to do my baby registry sometime in November. I think I am going to wait until the end of January to have my baby shower. That way I will be done with school and the stress of Christmas. I thought I still had a lot of stuff left over from when we had Hannah but we actually gave a lot of it away. I cannot wait until we find out the sex of the baby because I am ready to start shopping!! I will post new belly pics next week :)

Monday, August 22, 2011

Hannah being her silly self :)

OMG so funny!!

House Pictures

Here are some pics I took a couple weeks ago :) I will take better ones soon when we are all set up. Don't mind our mess, were still getting organized... I don't have all of the rooms on here either but I will post more pics soon with the whole house :)

Family room

Family room

My sweet girl :)

Part of the family room

Kitchen from Family room



Dining room

dining room before we put furniture in it

Kitchen from dining room

Entry to Master Bedroom from family room

Lilly in my doorway :)

My bed and window

Entry to Master Bath and walk in closet

Doors that go to outside patio from Master Bedroom

Master Bath

Hallway to kids bedrooms

Hannah's purple room

Her window

Hannah's room

Hannah's bathroom


Friday, August 19, 2011

New ultrasound pictures.... and a new due date :)

Here are the newest pictures of our little baby :) My doctor gave me a new due date of February 20,2012 :) The doctor told me they will give me my C-section when im 39 weeks which will be the day before Valentines day. Baby is healthy and doing great!! Next appointment is in 3 weeks :) My appointment after that will be when we find out if it's pink or blue!!!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

13 Weeks Today

I have a doctor appointment today at 4:15pm to check on my little bebe in my belly :) This is the new high risk doctors office that I will be going to for the remainder of my pregnancy. It's super close to my house which is great for me and they will deliver our baby out at St. Joseph's hospital, in Tampa, where I had Hannah. They might do an ultrasound today but I'm not positive. I am so excited about finding out the sex of the baby, it's killing me lol Keith wants a little boy soooo bad!! For Keith's sake I'm kind of hoping that is a boy but either way I will be happy. At my next appointment we should be able to find out or at the one after that. This is my last week in my first trimester :) That means my chance of miscarriage are super low!! I will update after my appointment today and if they do an ultrasound I will post pictures :)

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

New ultrasound picture :)

Here is the newest ultrasound picture of our little peanut :) My eyes filled with tears of joy when I saw my baby moving its arms and kicking. The last ultrasound it was just a little worm and now it looks like a baby. Hannah went to the doctor with me today and she got to see her baby brother or sister and she was very happy. The doctor gave Hannah her own picture of the baby and she was so excited. The doctor said the baby looks very healthy and is growing on schedule. Very good news to hear when your pregnant :) Me on the other hand, he wants me to rest and try to take it easy. I have a few small issues but it's nothing to worry about.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

My Sweet Hannah :)

Here are a few pictures of Hannah when we were at the park the other day :) Im so happy we have a park so close to our house, especially when its only 5 or 6 houses down from us :)