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Thursday, August 18, 2011

13 Weeks Today

I have a doctor appointment today at 4:15pm to check on my little bebe in my belly :) This is the new high risk doctors office that I will be going to for the remainder of my pregnancy. It's super close to my house which is great for me and they will deliver our baby out at St. Joseph's hospital, in Tampa, where I had Hannah. They might do an ultrasound today but I'm not positive. I am so excited about finding out the sex of the baby, it's killing me lol Keith wants a little boy soooo bad!! For Keith's sake I'm kind of hoping that is a boy but either way I will be happy. At my next appointment we should be able to find out or at the one after that. This is my last week in my first trimester :) That means my chance of miscarriage are super low!! I will update after my appointment today and if they do an ultrasound I will post pictures :)

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