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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

19 Weeks 3 Days

Wow this pregnancy is flying by!! I have a doctor appointment on Friday at my doctors office and I think that is when they will be doing another ultrasound. Technically it would be my ultrasound to find out the sex but we already know :) I'm excited that Hannah will be with me so she can get another peek at her baby brother. She really likes going with me when I have ultrasounds, the look of amazement on her face just melts my heart. She is going to be a great big sister!! After my appointment I will post the pictures :)

I have about 19-20 weeks left until my c-section. Its crunch time with getting everything ready for baby Keith's arrival. Daddy is getting excited too, which I knew he would. He talks to my belly at night and says, "Hello son, this is your dad." Hannah kisses my belly when ever she gets the chance and she is really starting to understand her baby brother is in my belly. My family is growing fast :) I can't believe my sweet girl will be four in just 6 short months!! It's bittersweet!! In my heart she will ALWAYS be my sweet baby, no matter how old she is in life!!

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