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Monday, September 19, 2011

We finally agreed!! Thank the lord!!

Keith and I have been going back and forth about how we want to paint the nursery. I would like one thing and he would HATE it lol Then he picked out a color and I hated it. Finally after almost killing each other (okay, after I almost killed him) we finally agreed on this. We have a different crib set that we will be using that has monkeys but it has browns and blues that will match. I'm going to do the monogram on one wall and the other wall I will put up the wooden letters that spell out his name. I am going to paint the letters blue with brown polka-dots. My mom is going to make the curtains for his room for me. I just have to find the material for them. I think they have this exact material at Joann fabrics so in the next few weeks I will be picking some up :)

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