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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

We will find out if it's pink or blue this week :)

Keith and I will be going to a place in Brandon called Meet the Baby to get an ultrasound on Saturday. It's to find out if we are having a little boy or another sweet baby girl. I'm counting down the days until we go. Keith and I are soooo excited and cannot wait!! We invited the grandparents (Keith's mom and her husband, and Keith's dad and step-mom) to come and experience this happy moment with us. I really wish my sister and mom could be there also but they live all the way in Idaho, but they will be here when the baby is born which is much more important to me.

Daddy really wants a boy, Hannah really wants a sister, and I just want a healthy baby. I wonder who is going to get what they want. A part of me thinks that it is a little boy but I'm not betting any money on it. Especially since we have all girls in this family and so far no boys lol I will post the ultrasound pictures on here shortly after we get home :) Our appointment is at 2:30pm on Saturday. My next post will be pink or blue!!

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