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Monday, October 3, 2011

20 Weeks 1 Day!!

My belly is really starting to grow like crazy!! When I was pregnant with Hannah, I looked 6 months pregnant when I was 12 weeks along and I gained 100 pounds (yes I said 100). With baby Keith, I started showing a little at 4 months and now there is no denying that I'm pregnant. I have only gained about 12-15 pounds so far. I'm guessing I will probably gain about 30-35 pounds for this pregnancy. My son sure does move around a lot lately and I love it!! He is most active around dinner time, when I'm cooking he starts doing his somersaults lol I think it is because he smells the yummy food and wants some :) He is also active at bedtime when I'm ready to sleep.

I have another level 2 sonogram at the hospital on October 10th. My last one came out normal and the test they did to check for down syndrome came out negative which is super good news!! I wasn't really worried about it but you never know and every pregnancy is different. I'm just happy my baby is growing and healthy :) I will post some belly pics at the end of the week to see how much it has grown since the last time :)

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