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Monday, October 17, 2011

Our trip to the Hillsborough County Fair

Mommy, Daddy, and Hannah went to the fair on Sunday :) It was Hannah's first time riding on all of the rides by herself. It was bittersweet to see her on the rides by herself. I was so happy she was doing okay on her own and not crying or being scared but it was also the day I realized just how grown up she is becoming. She really isn't my baby anymore :( but she is growing into such a beautiful little girl that I love more and more each day. She will always be my baby deep down inside!! Oh and by the way, Miss Hannah now wants a pet cow since playing with some at the fair. I tried to tell her our house is too small for a cow and she replied, "It's okay mommy, it can sleep in my bed!!" We will have to talk this over with daddy first lol

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