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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The Nursery :)

Here are a few pictures of baby Keith's nursery :) We still Have all of Hannah's toys in there, we will probably move them after the first of the year when it's almost time for her baby brother to be born. We decided on Green Apple for the color instead of just doing a blue color and it came out really nice. It matches his bedroom set perfectly. His crib set has monkeys on it and the colors are green, brown, and orange. I also painted some monkeys on some canvas to use as his wall art. I think they came out pretty good for my first time drawing and painting a monkey :) We have a piece of wicker furniture that we are painting brown to go with the theme and we are getting all dark wood furniture.

As were getting closer to having this special little guy, the pregnancy is becoming really hard on my body. I have officially decided (with the advice of my doctors), this will be my last baby. I think my family will be complete with one sweet girl and one handsome little guy :) I really couldn't ask for more. I feel blessed to have been able to have the beautiful little girl that I do and soon enough we will have a sweet little boy to add to our family!!

I will take a few more belly pics on Sunday when I'm 27 weeks and I will post them :)

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